Belly Fat The Testosterone Killer

Testosterone Levels In Men Killed By Belly Fat!

How belly fat destroys testosterone in men. Ladies if you fatten up your man, you might just end up with a moody girlfriend instead. ūüôā¬† Visceral fat not only destroys testosterone, but it produces and enzyme called Aromatase that converts Testosterone into¬†¬†Estrogen.¬† Not a good combo in a man.¬†

He also mentions L.reuteri 6475 and what is known as Bomb Proof Yogurt.  This is why I eat some every day!  

Here is a link on how to make Bomb Proof Yogurt. It is super easy and tastes amazing.  Get the Tiger back in the tank!  I have been doing it for over a month and it really works for me.


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