Smoked Kippers

Fatty Fish

Why eating fatty fish helps!  According to the Journal of Aging and Health, just 16 ounces of fatty fish can help reduce weight gain by as much of 42%. The fats in the fish also help the brain produce serotonin, which can lead to a much better mood, which in turn can lead to less of an appetite.

I personally eat sardines and herring and I love smoked kippers! You might be able to find these in stores near you, or just order them from Amazon.  The reason why I love Bar Harbor is because they are packed in water and there are no preservatives.  I eat about 1/2 of a can at a time per meal. Just a couple of times a week and I have noticed a huge difference.  The omega-3’s can really help up your mental game.  Great source of protein too!


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